Josie Woodworks is a design and fabrication studio operating from a small workshop on a little homestead by a river.

A queer mix of minimalism and play with an emphasis on hands-on design.

My design process places importance on representation and accessibility, with the LGBTQIA+, and neurodiverse communities being at the center of my focus.

My business ethos is rooted in sustainability and intention. Every design choice is assessed from a strict philosophy rooted in creating lasting products with minimal negative impact on the earth. The only plastic you'll find here is resin inlay work, and in that regard I am working on finding an alternative. 

Hand tool woodworking is my foundation. Preparing lumber, cutting joinery, and carving designs by hand, but I’m not one to fall behind. Being a former programmer and digital designer I have access to modern design tools, a CNC machine, and robotics knowledge, allowing me to modernise the craft while still understanding it’s roots.

Experimenting with shape and texture allows me to keep my design process dynamic and ever-changing. I don’t stick to one design for very long and I don’t form attachments to techniques.